2017 Winter League Prizegivings

The 2017 Kidzplay Netball Winter League Prizegivings will be held on Saturday 23 September 2017 in the Pinehurst Gymnasium. We regret that, due to space constraints, we are unable to accommodate all teams. Only those teams named in the tables below may attend Prizegiving.

All teams are expected to be in netball uniform and be accompanied by their coach(es) and manager

This year there will be TWO ceremonies: one for Year 2 and Year 3 teams and one for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 5/6 teams

Years 2&3 Prizegiving will be at 10:00am (doors open at 9.30am)  

Year 2 & 3 teams to attend






Albany Allstars

Glamorgan Dragonflies

St John's Clovers

Albany Tiger Cubs

Glamorgan Sparkles

St Joseph's Shooting Stars

Bayfield Rainbows

Greenhithe Emeralds

Sunnynook Starlets

Bayview Jumpers

Greenhithe Shooting Stars

Sunnynook Starlights

BBS Ferns

Hobsonville Pt Hobby Stars

Sunnynook Sunsets

BBS Gems

Marina View Diamonds

Target Road Ferns

BBS Mystics

Marina View Warriors

Target Road Stars

CBS Diamonds

Pinehill Bunnies

Torbay Tornadoes

Coatesville Cool Cats

Pinehurst Stars

UHPS Bumblebees

Dairy Flat Bumble Bees

Pinehurst Super Stars

Wainui Stars

Glamorgan Cherry Bombs

Sherwood Beagles

Willow Park Flyers

Please clear the Gym and car parks promptly after the ceremony to allow the incoming teams space.

Year 4, 5 & 5/6 Prizegiving will be at 11:30am (doors open at 11.15am).

Year 4, 5 & 5/6 teams to attend





Albany Rockstars

Glenfield Golden Griffins

Pug Heroes

Bayfield Ferns

Hobsonville Pt Dream Team

Sherwood Spaniels

Bayfield Firecrackers

Long Bay Gazelles

St John's Orchids

Bayview Mystics

Long Bay Leopards

St Joseph's Golden Ferns

Bayview Shooters

Mairangi Bay Mystics

Torbay Magic

BBS Rockets

Marina View Ferns

Torbay Nets

CBS Fantails

Marina View Magic

Torbay Thunder

City Impact All Stars

Marina View Marvels

UHPS Shooting Stars

Coatesville Shooting Stars

Murrays Bay Firebirds

UHPS Silver Shooters

Coatesville Wild Ones

Murrays Bay Vixens

Westminster Shooting Stars

Dairy Flat Hornets

Oteha Sparkling Stars

Willow Park Diamonds

Forrest Hill Tuis

Pinehurst Rebels