Prizegiving 2018


Welcome to our Prizegiving for the 2018 Winter Season!

Prizegiving will take place on Saturday 22 September 2018 in the Pinehurst School Gymnasium.

Only those teams named in the tables below may attend Prizegiving.

There will be two Sessions:

Years 2 & 3 Prizegiving will be at 10:00am (doors open at 09:45)

Year 2 & 3 teams

Albany Butterflies

Coatesville Gems

Marina View Diamonds

Torbay Diamonds

Albany Cool Cats

Dairy Flat Daisies

Murrays Bay Magic

Torbay Ferns

Albany Firebirds

Forrest Hill Doves

Oteha Valley Emeralds

Torbay Tulips

Bayfield Comets

Glamorgan Cherry Bombs

Pinehill Unicorns

UHPS Bumblebees

Bayview Pulse

Glamorgan Unicorns

St John's Blossoms

Wainui Jets

BBS Force

Glenfield Unicorns

St John's Bluebells

Wainui Stars

BBS Mystics

Greenhithe Shooting Stars

St John's Sunflowers

Westminster Diamonds

Coatesville Attackers

Kristin Rockets

Sunnynook Sunsets

Willow Park Pulse

Please clear the Gym and car parks promptly after the ceremony to allow the incoming teams space.

Years 4, 5 & 5/6 Prizegiving will be at 11:30am (doors open at 11:15)

Year 4, 5 & 5/6 teams

Albany Tigers

Glamorgan Jetz

Mairangi Bay Mini Ferns

St Joseph's Shooting Stars

Bayfield Mini Ferns

Glenfield Magic

Marina View Ferns

Sunnynook Starlets

BBS Blaze

Greenhithe Angels

Marina View Magic

Sunnynook Starlights

CBS Tuis

Greenhithe Magic

Marina View Warriors

Torbay Magic

Coatesville Supercats

Greenhithe Mystics

Oteha Valley Shooting Stars

Torbay Thunder

Coatesville Tigers

Hobsonville Pt Dream Team

Sherwood Labradors

Torbay Tornadoes

Dairy Flat Bumble Bees

Hobsonville Pt Phoenix

Sherwood Spaniels

UHPS Unicorns

Forrest Hill Fantails

Kingsway Northern Hawks

Sherwood Terriers

Westminster Comets

Glamorgan Emoji's

Kristin Flames

St Joseph's Little Ferns

Willow Park Flyers