Welcome to the Results pages for the 2016 Kidzplay Netball Winter League.

You will find the Scores for each week under the tabs on the left.
The Competition Points table can be found below. Note that Grade 1 is a non-competitive grade so does not appear on the Points Table. 

NOTE: Grades 3A commenced competition on 11 June. All other Grades will commence on 25 June

Key to the Points Table:

Results after round n: n is the number of competition rounds that have been held. Some teams may have played a different number of Games to the number of rounds

Goals for:The number of goals the team has scored

Goals against: The number of goals the team has had scored against it

Games played: The number of games the team has played. This may differ from the number of competition rounds.

Rank:  The position of the team within the Grade based on the number of points the team has gained.

Points: The total number of points (Raw points) gained by the team is the sum of the points awarded for each game (see below). In cases where teams in a grade have played a different number of games to other teams the points are adjusted according to the formula Raw points divided by Games played multiplied by n, the number of rounds completed.

Win: A win (outright or by default) is awarded 3 points

Draw: Both teams in a drawn game are awarded 2 points

Loss <3: The losing team is awarded 1.5 points when the difference in score between the teams is either 1 or 2 goals

Loss:  The losing team when the difference in scores is 3 or greater is awarded 1 point.

Default: A team which defaults a game is awarded 0 points.

Order of teams in the table: The tables are ordered first by Points (either raw or adjusted). When there are two or more teams with the same number of points they are further ordered by Goal Difference Average. If further separation is required the number of wins, losses and defaults will be taken into consideration.

Goal Difference Average (GDA): The GDA is calculated by subtracting the Goals against from the Goals for and dividing the resultant difference by the number of Games played. Note that the GDA may be either positive or negative.