General Guidelines

  • Only 3 minutes between games so please vacate the court quickly so the next game can start on time.
  • Coaches must ensure teams are on the court and ready to play when the bell commences play. If a team cannot field 5 registered players within 5 minutes of the commencement of the game the team will lose by default. (A Kidzplay Netball Umpire Mentor must be present to declare/confirm the win as allowances may be made in extenuating circumstances.)
  • Game balls are supplied. These need to be left on court for the following game.
  • Uniforms can be matching shorts and T shirts, with bibs being the team colour.
  • Players’ fingernails must be short and long hair must be tied back.
  • Players must wear suitable footwear (sports shoes).
  • No coaches or parents are allowed on the court during games. The playing area is for the players.Supporters are not allowed to stand at either goal/base lines, but are welcome along the court sideline.
  • Supporters and coaches must respect the umpires’ decisions – NO spectator influence will be accepted.
  • Please ensure that at the end of each game the scorecard is returned to the control table – without it there will be no result recorded.
  • NO disputes are accepted and scorecards cannot be changed after the game.
  • Basic First Aid supplies are available.
  • The Kidzplay Netball league is a learning experience for players, coaches and umpires.


Winter League Grading

Spring League Grading

Draws and Notices


Time Requests

Interchanging Players


Umpire Mentors/Officials

Lost Property

Wet Weather


Taking Images of Children

Complaints Procedures

Map of Courts

Changes to these guidelines/rules may be made at any time by the Kidzplay Netball management at their discretion.