Welcome to the 2024 Season!

The draws can be viewed by clicking on the blue ‘Draws buttons' below the notes. 

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PLEASE read the notes before emailing us.

Competition Round

All teams, except Year 1, which is not graded, are now in competition.

​​​​​​​Please Note:

  • Information on how the Competition Round works regarding points, cross over games, etc, can be found here.
  • Kidzplay Netball does not enter into discussion over grading decisions. Grades are final and will not be changed.
  • Teams can start afresh with their rotations from 22nd June but thereafter must follow the weekly rotations as per the rules.
  • Any teams not following the rotation rules and/or using players from higher graded teams, will lose points.
  • The draws for the remainder of the competition round are now available. Please click on the buttons below to view the draws. 
  • Once published, draws are final and will not be changed.
  • If a team is unable to play, the game will be forfeited by default. Games cannot be deferred.
  • For further information, please check with your School Co-ordinator as they received all the information.


    As per the rules of netball, NO jewellery is to be worn during a game of netball. Taping of earrings, watches or bangles is NOT allowed. Only medical alert bracelets can be taped, NOT earrings. Players will not be permitted to take the court until all pieces are removed. No exceptions will be made.

    Parents ... if you are thinking of getting your child's ears pierced, don't do it during the netball season. A child cannot leave their earrings in and have them taped. We feel terrible when we tell them they can't play.

    This rule is for all grades and is for the safety of all players.


    Allow extra time to park safely.

    Please be careful where you choose to park. Auckland Transport (AT) can and do enforce parking restrictions on the roads around the venue. In particular we recommend not parking on cycle lanes or other restricted areas.

    Please note: There is no parking on the cycle lanes along Rosedale Road 7 days a week. Please park either on the southern side of Bush Road (commercial area) or in streets off Rosedale Road west off the lights at the junction with Bush Road. There is also a cut through from Brigham Young Street towards Pinehurst School which could be used when parking in surrounding streets.

    Please do not park on private property and/or illegally, and show respect to local residents. 

    When parking in the Pinehurst car park off Rosedale Road, please do not park on the fields!

    Side Line Behaviour

    Please remember positive, encouraging words is all that is to be heard by the players on the court and the umpires.

    Coaches - Please set an example of positive behaviour to your players, your assistants and your supporters. The coaches and managers are the team leaders and how they react will transfer to the players and supporters.

    Supporters and parents - Please show respect for the game, the umpires and the opposition, and your own players. Be supportive and positive in your comments at all times.

    NO comments or words should be spoken about the standard of umpiring. The umpires can hear the comments and it only increases their nervousness and makes matters worse. N.B. You have to abide by the umpires rules, even if you do not agree with them.

    Remember your team can’t play the game without an umpire, the game needs them as much as it needs players, coaches and supporters. The umpires make mistakes just like the players so please be kind.

    Remember it is the players’ game. They are there to enjoy themselves (whether they win or lose) and to get better at playing and understanding the game.

    Please ask a Kidzplay Netball Mentor for assistance if you have any issues at all during your games. Always remember it is best for a Mentor to come and observe whilst the problem is happening so the issue is resolved immediately.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

    Court Protocols

    Please follow this guide for where teams (coaches, managers, subs) and spectators should stand.  This helps with congestion between the courts and allows us to find score cards and teams more easily. Please click here to view the diagram for Courts A - F.

    Worried about the Weather?

    We do not cancel any netball games due to wet weather.  Please refer to our Frequently asked Questions page for the Kidzplay Netball weather policy or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

    School Holidays

    There are no games on the 6th, 13th and 20th of June, being NZ Term 2 School Holidays. After the holidays, games resume on Saturday, 27th July.

    General information

    • Draws are final and cannot be changed.
    • Umpires: Every team requires an umpire. To view whether your team has booked a Kidzplay pool umpire or not, please click here.
    • Time Requests: We regret that we are unable to accept any further time requests this season.
    • Map: To see the map which outlays our courts, please click here.
    • Rules & Guidelines for the Winter League can be viewed here.
    • For further information about the 2024 Season, please contact your school’s netball co-ordinator.