The answers to the questions we get asked most frequently will be posted here.

Q: What happens if it is raining? Where do I find out about cancellations?

Q: Lost Property - Here's how you can find lost items

Q: My child wants to play netball, how do I register her?

Q: Do the Year 5 teams play “Kiwi” netball?

Q: Year 1 six-a-side format

Q: Bibs for the 6-a-side format

Q: What time will my games be?

Q: How long are the games?

Q: How many players can I have in my team?

Q: How do I work out my player rotations?

Q: What uniform should my players wear?

Q: How strictly are the rules enforced?

Q: Completed an Umpiring Course and want to take the next step?

Q: Want to become a Pool Umpire? 

Q: What type/size ball do we use?

Q: What are the season dates for 2023?

Q: Prizegiving 2023